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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 35 (Book 7): The Wild Animals Say

The Wild Animals say,

One thing have I sworn by My holiness,
That I will not fail David.
He trains my hand for war,
So that mine arms do bend a brass bow.

She put forth her hand to the pin,
And her right hand to strike the weary;
For the appointed day of their reckoning is near,
And what is destined for them hastens.

The Lord impoverishes and makes rich.
He humbles; He also exalts.
Vengeance is poised with Me,
And it will pay at the time their foot stumbles.

And the children of Israel did so
They gathered, both the one who gathered much
And the one who gathered little.
And they measured [it] with an omer.

And whoever gathered much
Did not have more, and whoever gathered little did not have less;
I am my beloved's, and his desire is upon me.
Each one according to his eating capacity, they gathered.

Blessed is the One Who is good and bestows good.
The seed of Abraham His servant, the children of Jacob, His chosen ones.
He is the Lord our G-d; throughout all the earth are His judgments.
He remembered His covenant forever, the word He had commanded to the thousandth generation,

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