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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 36 (Book 7): The Gazelle Is Saying

The Gazelle Is Saying

Come, my beloved, 
Let us go out to the field, let us lodge in the villages
And I shall sing of Your strength 
I shall rejoice of Your kindness in the morning

For You were a refuge to me, 
and a hiding place on the day of my oppression.
And You have given me the shield of Your salvation; 
And You have increased Your humility for me. 

He lifts the poor from the dust; 
From the dunghill, He raises the pauper, 
When the Lord will judge His people, 
And will reconsider His servants, 

To seat them with princes, 
And a seat of honor He causes them to inherit, 
When He sees that the power is increasing, 
And none is controlled or strengthened. 

And Moses said to them, 
Let no one leave over [any] of it until morning. 
For the pillars of the earth are the Lord's, 
And He placed the world upon them.

But [some] men did not obey Moses
And left over [some] of it until morning, 
And it bred worms and became putrid, 
And Moses became angry with them.     

She struck Sisera, pierced his head, 
And wounded and penetrated his temple.
The covenant which He made with Abraham, 
And His oath to Isaac.  He established it 

For Jacob as a statute, for Israel as an everlasting Covenant, 
Stating, "To you I shall give the land of Canaan”
His seed will endure forever and his throne will be 
As the sun before Me; the portion of your inheritance.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 37 (Book 7): The Elephant Is Saying

The Elephant Is Saying

You have enlarged my step[s] beneath me 
And my ankles have not slipped
How great are your works, G-d 
Your thoughts are tremendously deep

Let us arise early to the vineyards; 
Let us see whether the vine has blossomed
They gathered it morning by morning 
For not by strength will man prevail.

And they walked from nation to nation, 
From one kingdom to another people.
A double portion of bread, two omers for one, 
And all the princes of the community came and reported to Moses.

Each one according to his eating capacity 
And [when] the sun grew hot, it melted
Then He will say, "Where is their deity 
The rock in which they trusted?”

At her feet he sank, fell, lay; 
At her feet he sank (and) fell;
The feet of His pious ones He will guard, 
And the wicked shall be cut off in darkness 

The tiny grapes have developed, 
The pomegranates have lost their flowers
Like the moon, which is established forever, 
And it is a witness in the sky, eternally true. 

When they were few in number, hardly dwelling in it.
It came to pass on the sixth day that they gathered 
He let no man oppress them, and He reproved kings on their account.
There I will give you my love.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 38 (Book 7): The Lion is saying

The Lion is saying

He shall arouse zeal, He shall cry, 
Even roar, He shall prevail over His enemies.
I have pursued my enemies 
And have destroyed them; 

Those who strive with the Lord will be broken; 
Upon him will He thunder in Heaven; 
So they left it over until morning
As Moses had commanded 

He called a famine upon the land; 
He broke every staff of bread.
Who ate the fat of their sacrifices 
And drank the wine of their libations? 

Through the window looked forth, 
The mother of Sisera [peered] through the window;
Let them arise and help you! Let them be your shelter! 
And all the rest leave over to keep until morning  

Where he sank, there he fell down dead.
The Lord will judge the ends of the earth. 
And He will grant strength to His King, 
And raise the horn of His anointed one. 
"Do not touch My anointed ones, 
And do not harm My prophets.”
But You abandoned and You rejected; 
You became wroth with Your anointed.   

He sent a man before them; 
Joseph was sold as a slave.
So he said to them
That is what the Lord spoke 

Tomorrow is a rest day 
A holy Sabbath to the Lord 
The pots [of figs] have given forth [their] fragrance
And on our doorways are all manner of sweet fruits,

Bake whatever you wish to bake 
And cook whatever you wish to cook
G-d shall go out as a mighty man, 
Never turning back until they were consumed. 

And it did not become putrid
And not a worm was in it
Both new and old,
Which I have hidden away for you, my beloved.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 39 (Book 7): The Bear Is Saying

Week 39: The Bear is saying,

Let the wilderness and its cities lift up their voice, 
The village that Kedar inhabits 
O, that you were like my brother, 
Who sucked my mother's breasts!
And Moses said, "Eat it today, 
For today is a Sabbath to the Lord; 
Today you will not find it in the field." 
Let the inhabitants of the rock sing, 

Let them shout from the peaks of the mountains. 
Let them give glory to G-d and tell of His praise in the islands.
And Elkanah went to Ramah, to his house
I would find you outside, I would kiss you, and they would not despise me. 

See now that it is I! I am the One, 
And there is no G-d like Me! 
Six days you shall gather it, 
But on the seventh day, the Sabbath, on it there will be none. 

And the child was serving the Lord before Eli the priest.  
They afflicted his foot with fetters; 
His soul was placed in irons.
You abrogated the covenant of Your servant; 

Why is his chariot late in coming? 
Why tarry the strides of his chariots?
I cause death and grant life. 
I strike, but I heal, 

And no one can rescue from My Hand! 
And I have consumed them, 
And I have crushed them that they cannot rise; 
Yes, they are fallen under my feet. 

You profaned his crown to the ground.
Until His word came, the saying of the Lord purified him.
A king sent and released him, 
A ruler of peoples [sent] and loosed his bonds.

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