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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 32 (Book 7): The Mule Is Saying

The Mule is saying,

The bows of the mighty are broken;
And those who stumbled, are girded with strength.
All the kings of earth shall acknowledge You, G-d,
For they have heard the sayings of Your mouth.

Your neck is like an ivory tower;
Your eyes are [like] pools in Heshbon, by the gate of Bath-Rabbim
Your face is as the tower of Lebanon, facing towards Damascus
Your head upon you is like Carmel

Give us joy corresponding to the days You afflicted us,
The years we have seen adversity.
For their vine is of the vine of Sodom,
And of the field of Gemorrah;

Because they came not to the aid of the Lord,
To the aid of the Lord against the mighty.
For who is G-d, save the Lord?
And who is a rock, save our G-d?

And the braided locks of your head are like purple;
The king is bound in the tresses.
Let Your work be revealed to Your servants,
And Your splendor be upon their children.

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying,
I have heard the complaints of the children of Israel.
Their grapes are grapes of rosh,
And they have bitter clusters.

Speak to them, saying, "In the afternoon you shall eat meat
And in the morning you shall be sated with bread,"
Satiate us in the morning with Your kindness,
Then we shall sing and rejoice throughout our days.

And you shall know that
I am the Lord, your G-d.
How fair and how pleasant you are,
A love of delights!

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