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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 13 (Book 7): The Starling is Singing

 The Starling is Saying, 

He made them ride upon the high places of the earth, 

That they would eat the produce of the field. 

Their seed shall be known among the nations, 

And their offspring among the peoples; 

He let them suck honey from a rock, 

And oil from the mighty part of the crag. 

All who see them shall acknowledge them, 

That they are the seed that G-d has blessed.

Those that sit in judgment, 

And those that walk on the path, tell of it. 

Too awesome for praises, 

Performing wonders! 

Instead of the noise of adversaries, 

Between the places of drawing water,

You inclined Your right hand; 

The earth swallowed them up.

The watchmen who patrol the city found me: 

Have you seen him whom my soul loves?

Only her lips moved, but her voice could not be heard; 

Therefore, Eli thought she had been drunk.

Now Hannah, she spoke in her heart; 

Why are you downcast, my soul, and why do you wail within me? 

Hope to G-d, for I will yet thank Him for the deliverances of His countenance. 

From the brightness before Him flamed forth coals of fire. 

I had just passed them by, 

When I found him whom my soul loves; 

These do I recall, and pour out my soul from within me: 

How I traveled [to Jerusalem] in covered wagons; I

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, 

By the gazelles or by the hinds of the field, 

Yours is the arm which has the might; 

Strengthen Your hand, raise high Your right hand.

 held him and would not let him go, until I brought him into my mother's house 

And into the chamber of her who had conceived me.

I would walk leisurely with them up to the House of G-d, 

Amid the sound of rejoicing and thanksgiving, the celebrating multitude. 

My G-d! My soul is downcast upon me, 

Because I remember You from the land of Jordan 

And Hermon's peaks, from Mount Mitzar.

That you neither awaken 

Nor arouse the love while it is desirous.

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