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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life of Pi

Life of Pi

I live along
A narrow bridge
A tightrope of sorts
In which I try to balance

Twenty-two letters
Constantly on my mind
And seven lights
Burning from my heart

Cycles of weeks
Three followed by sevens
Followed by three
From mourning to morning

It's an uphill battle
A long but short way
With area and circumference
Both great and small

That curves around
A radius defined
By how much I am
Willing to give

And yet the entire circle
Is still not more than zero
But if it touches yours
It's Infinite. 

OBS: The period from 17th of Tammuz to the 9th of Av is known as the 3 Weeks (although it has 22 days). It is a period of mourning followed by seven weeks of consolation. The seven weeks of the Omer is also a period mourning, and both the three weeks and the seven weeks will be times of joy in the future. The seven weeks is connected to the seven emotional sefirot, and the three weeks appear to be connected to the twenty-two Hebrew letters. The reading for the 9th of Av, Lamentations, is in acrostic form, with each chapter having a verse for each letter (chapter 3 has three for each),

The number Pi is almost exactly the ratio of twenty-two divided by seven. Area is defined as Pi (22/7) x the Square of the Radius, and the Circumference is 2 x Pi (22/7) x Radius.

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