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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 28 (Book 7): The Pig Is Saying

The Pig is Saying

Turn away your eyes from me, for they have made me haughty;
For they are a nation devoid of counsel and they have no understanding.
G-d is good to those that are good, as well as to the straight-hearted.
And the humble people You do deliver; but Your eyes are upon the haughty to humble them.

The children of Israel said to them,
If only we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt,
When we sat by pots of meat, when we ate bread to our fill!
For you have brought us out into this desert, to starve this entire congregation to death.

You bring man to the crushing point and You say, "Return, O sons of men."
Your hair is like a flock of goats that streamed down from Gilead.
Your teeth are like a flock of ewes that came up from the washing,
All of which are perfect and there is no bereavement among them.

A prayer of Moses, the man of G-d. O Lord, You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.
And I also have lent him to the Lord; all the days which he will be alive, he is borrowed by the Lord.
Before the mountains were born, and You brought forth the earth and the inhabited world,
And from everlasting to everlasting, You are G-d.

So the Lord said to Moses, Behold! I am going to rain down for you bread from heaven,
From heaven they fought; the stars; From their courses fought against Sisera.
I will forever keep My kindness for him, and My covenant will remain true to him.
Your temple is like a split pomegranate from beneath your kerchief.

For a thousand years are in Your eyes like yesterday, which passed, and a watch in the night.
And the people shall go out and gather what is needed for the day,
So that I can test them, whether or not they will follow My teaching.
And he prostrated himself there to the Lord.

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