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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jacob, Israel

Jacob, Israel

I try so hard
In every way
To get Your smile
And get Your say

Perhaps one day
After all that trying
After all that living
After all that dying

My seeds will grow
To become trees
And testify
About that child

And then that man
Who tried so hard
And finally got
What he couldn't see.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Allah huAkhbar

G-d is Great
He is All and
People peep
Like mice at bar
And make Him

Monday, January 9, 2012

Through the Cracks

Through the Cracks

In sealed windows
The students peaked
At passing cars.

Modern flashy 
Models, foreign

Fast exposing 
All that South Beach 
Had to offer.

Class was dismissed,
Car pollution 
Now filled the air.

The kids had failed
To focus on 
The interior,

The future proud
Lessors bound to
Repeat afresh 
Rookie mistakes.

The new teacher
Still deciding
If to stand for
His principals.

It was too late
The cracks had long
Been open to
The heat and dirt.

The solution
Was to shed more 
Light and reach for
The Menorah

For the dealer
Across the street
Had captured the

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Torah Portions

Devarim: The Desert in Words: 

Ki Tetzeh: Tackling the "Evil" Inclination 

Shoftim: Justice as a Communal Obligation

Re'eh: Destroying by Failing to Destroy

Ekev: G-d's Committment to the Land

Va'etchanan: "Giving it All You've Got"

Devarim: "All of Israel"

Bamidbar: Words in the Desert

Ma'asei: The Journey as the Cure

Matot: Verbal Agreements

Pinchas: Earning One's Place

Balak: Horrible Bosses

Chukat: Miriam, the Red Heifer

Korach: Human Calculations

Shelach: Ants, Grasshoppers

Beha'alotcha: Inverted Situations

Nasso: Brides

Bamidbar: Being Dear to G-d

Vayikra: In Service

Bechukotai: Pursuit and Self-Persecution

Behar: Working the Land, Working the Soul

Emor: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Kohen (Kohen Gadol)

Kedoshim Holiness, Sexuality

Acharei Mot: After Mourning

Metzorah: Life's Challenges

Tazria: Life and Death

Shmini: Knowing When to Be Quiet

Tzav: Elements of a Spiritual Work Out

Vayikra: The Fine (Humble) Line Between the Holy and the Unholy 

Shemot: Leaving Egypt

Pikudei: Focusing on Actions (Not Their Amazing Results)

Vayakhel: Shabat, Leadership and Community

Ki Tissah: The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Connect to the Tzadik 

Tetzaveh: Glory, Humility, Tiferet

Terumah: To Give or Not to Give

Mishpatim: Trust versus Initiative

Yitro: The Importance and the Danger of Foreign Influences 

Beshalach: Singing and Dancing

Bo: The Importance of Acting as One

Va'eira: Getting to Know G-d

Shemot: Purposeless Work

Bereshit: In the Parasha Series

Vayechi: Shechem in the Parasha

Vayigash: Oded in the Parasha

Miketz: Daniel in the Parasha

Vayeshev: Rachel in the Parasha

Vayishlach: Korach in the Parasha

Vayetzei: Jerusalem in the Parasha

Toldot: David in the Parasha

Chayei Sarah: The Four Exiles in the Parasha

Vayerah: Uriel in the Parasha

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