Thursday, April 23, 2015

It Comes as No Surprise

It Comes as No Surprise

That outside the 
Land of giants
Everything again
Feels so small.

If after 9 months
It took me
Almost a decade 
To settle,

Is it really a shock 
That I'd return
With my head again 
In those clouds?

No longer breathing
Its air, bathing 
In Its water,

No longer standing
On Its earth, warm
From Its fire.

It's all
To be expected,
Yet painful
All the same.

PS: Israel has four main holy cities:Jerusalem (fire), Hebron (earth), Tiberias (water) and Tsfat (air)

In the Holy Land

In the Holy Land

The angels I've seen
Have no chubby cheeks,
Fluffy feathers or wings.

They have just direction
To give and care deeply,
Few words, hardly any expression.

Procurando Meu Canto

Procurando Meu Canto

Achei minha voz
Conheci os amigos
Relembrei meus avós.

Procurando meu canto
Senti minha dor
Lavei minha alma
Expirei meu calor.

Procurando meu canto
Construi minhas casas
Reatei as raizes
Soltei minhas asas.

Procurando meu canto
Cantei pra Você
Encontrei, finalmente,
Minha razão de viver.