Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thursday, 18th of Adar, 5777

Sefirot Combination (Cycles of Seven Weeks):

2nd day of Week 25 and the 23rd day of the cycle of Netzach (Victory/Endurance), Gevurah shebeNetzach shebeNetzach, Might/Discipline within Victory/Endurance within Victory/Endurance.

Alef-Bet/Psalms (Cycles of 22 days):

16th day of the 8th cycle. Ayin within the cycle of Samech and Ayin, Ayin-Samech

עסק - business dealing; involvement

Proverbs 31:

Strength and beauty are her raiment, and she laughs at the last day.

עֹז וְהָדָר לְבוּשָׁהּ וַתִּשְׂחַק לְיוֹם אַחֲרוֹן:

Psalm 119:

Because I considered all precepts of all things upright; [and] every false way I hated.

עַל כֵּן | כָּל פִּקּוּדֵי כֹל יִשָּׁרְתִּי כָּל אֹרַח שֶׁקֶר שָׂנֵאתִי:

Hayom Yom:

After drinking wine and eating one of the seven fruits, the concluding b'racha ends: v'al pri hagafen v'al hapeirot, pri hagafen v'hapeirot (not v'al hapeirot).
My grandfather wrote in one of his maamarim: It is necessary to study some of the Written Torah daily with Rashi, for his commentaries are the t'rumot - the select - of the interpretations of our Sages.
...and at the very least everyone must study a tractate of Talmud each year.

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