Thursday, October 20, 2016

From the Sunrise to the Next

From Sunrise to the Next

After a period of focus and tranquility, the man now felt haunted by all sorts of dilemmas, lack of direction and confusion. Everything felt stagnant and repetitive. Health-wise, his situation was also far less than ideal. He was constantly tired and could not seem to focus. It was not clear how he was able to accomplish anything at all. 

In many ways it seemed like there was nothing to do but to stay put and work hard, and perhaps stop thinking so much. Yet there was something inside that was eating away at him. The feeling of wasting time, of not fulfilling his potential. There was hardly ever any feedback from anyone, and the man was afraid he wasn't growing enough. Perhaps he was demanding too much of himself... 

When he felt down, he would remember an insight he had as he was about to leave the Land of the Sheep: a certain period of 5 years in the distant future (almost 15 years away at the time) in which important redemptive events would take place. Now that time was just around the corner.

When the time arrived, the first thing he did was to travel to the grave of a second Great Lion - one whom he had always admired and also felt very connected. He was also supposed to meet his friend the Lamb but could not find him. Also his friend the Angel was supposed to be there, but didn't make it. Even his own son also wasn't able to come. The trip was filled  with great expectations, but his time there was marked by extreme confusion.

Eventually, things started becoming clearer. Six months later, he made it back to the land of the second Great Lion, and this time with his son. He also made it to the Promised Land along with his family, and he saw his friend the Angel as well as the Lamb. He visited the resting places of his ancestors, and later returned with a sense that he had somewhat regained the spirit of when he first returned there.  He then also visited the grave of the first Great Lion with his son, which was in the Land of the Dogs. This trip as well was extremely inspiring.

He then remembered the first message he received from the first Great Lion, in which he said that the man should be a teacher. He also remembered what he had momentarily understood when his son was born, a lion cub fiery as the sun: "The man finally understood the true meaning of what it meant to be a lion – to transmit everything he’d learned until now." 

Back in the Land of the Sweet Waters, all of a sudden things began improve significantly. He had more energy, and was given more interesting work. He was also given an opportunity to teach at a school of young cubs. The more he taught, the more he realized that he was always meant to be a teacher: to learn in order to teach and in order to do. 

Once again there was repetition, but things did not feel stagnant. On the contrary, the highest growth would come in finding consistency. That was now the challenge. In fact, it had been the challenge all along, the message received at the very beginning of his journeys and transformations. 

Key to this old new approach was being able to look not only at each month and each week individually, but also at each day and each moment. Every day was a whole year, beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with the repentance of Elul. Every day, the Book was received anew and transmitted to the next generation. Every day, there was faith, gratitude, love and joy, and an equanimity that came with feeling that things were in G-d’s hands.

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