Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tuesday, 15th of Nissan

Sefirot Combination (Cycles of Seven Weeks):

7th day of Week 28 (the "Pig") and the 49th day (the "Snail") of the 4th cycle ("Netzach"), Malchut shebeMalchut shebeNetzach, Kingship within Kingship within Victory/Endurance.

Alef-Bet/Psalms (Cycles of 22 days):

20th day of the 9th cycle ("Thick and Light Clouds"), Reish within the cycle of Peh and Tzadik (Reish-Peh, Peh-Reish) 


Behold, O Lord, for I am in distress, my innards burn, my heart is turned within me, for I have grievously rebelled; in the street the sword bereaves, in the house it is like death.

רְאֵה יְהֹוָה כִּי צַר לִי מֵעַי חֳמַרְמָרוּ נֶהְפַּךְ לִבִּי בְּקִרְבִּי כִּי מָרוֹ מָרִיתִי מִחוּץ שִׁכְּלָה חֶרֶב בַּבַּיִת כַּמָּוֶת:

Hayom Yom

At the first seder my father would be brief, in order to eat the afikoman before midnight. On the second night, however, he would expound at length; he began the seder before 9 p.m. and ended at about 3 or 4 in the morning, dwelling at length on the explanation of the Haggada.
The Alter Rebbe declared: The matza of the first evening of Pesach is called the Food of Faith; the matza of the second evening is called the Food of Healing. When healing brings faith ("Thank you, G‑d, for healing me") then clearly there has been illness. When faith brings healing, there is no illness to start with.


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