Thursday, April 20, 2017

Friday, 25th of Nissan

Sefirot Combination (Cycles of Seven Weeks):

3rd day of Week 30 (the "Camel") and the 10th day (the "Bat") of the 5th cycle ("Hod"), Tiferet shebeGevurah shebeHod, Balance/Beauty within Judgement/Discipline within Glory/Acknowledgement.

Alef-Bet/Psalms (Cycles of 22 days):

8th day of the 9th cycle ("Wind and Lightning"), Chet within the cycle of Kuf and Reish (Chet-Reish, Reish-Chet) 


The Lord determined to destroy the wall of the daughter of Zion; He stretched out a line; He did not restrain His hand from destroying; indeed, He caused rampart and wall to mourn, [and] they languish together.

חָשַׁב יְהֹוָה | לְהַשְׁחִית חוֹמַת בַּת צִיּוֹן נָטָה קָו לֹא הֵשִׁיב יָדוֹ מִבַּלֵּעַ וַיַּאֲבֶל חֵל וְחוֹמָה יַחְדָּו אֻמְלָלוּ:

Song of Songs:

The fig tree has put forth its green figs, and the vines with their tiny grapes have given forth their fragrance; arise, my beloved, my fair one, and come away.

יגהַתְּאֵנָה חָנְטָה פַגֶּיהָ וְהַגְּפָנִים | סְמָדַר נָתְנוּ רֵיחַ קוּמִי לָכְי רַעְיָתִי יָפָתִי וּלְכִי לָךְ:

Hayom Yom

The individual's avoda must be commensurate with his character and innate qualities. There may be one who can drill pearls or polish gems but works at baking bread (the analogy in the realm of avoda may be easily understood). Though baking bread is a most necessary craft and occupation, this person is considered to have committed a "sin."

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