Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wednesday, 2nd of Nissan, 5777

In Memory of My Grandmother, Chanah Miriam bat Pinchas

Sefirot Combination (Cycles of Seven Weeks):

1st day of Week 27 ("the Cow") and the 36th day of the cycle of Netzach (Victory/Endurance), Chesed shebeYesod shebeNetzach, Kindness within Foundation within Victory/Endurance.

Alef-Bet/Psalms (Cycles of 22 days):

7th day of the 9th cycle ("Thick and Light Clouds"), Zayin within the cycle of Peh and TzadikZayin-Peh, Peh-Zayin

(literary) gold, something golden


Jerusalem recalls the days of her poverty and her miseries, [and] all her precious things that were from days of old; when her people fell into the hand of the adversary, and there was none to help her; the enemies gazed, gloating on her desolation.

זָכְרָה יְרוּשָׁלַ ִם יְמֵי עָנְיָהּ וּמְרוּדֶיהָ כֹּל מַחֲמֻדֶיהָ אֲשֶׁר הָיוּ מִימֵי קֶדֶם בִּנְפֹל עַמָּהּ בְּיַד צָר וְאֵין עוֹזֵר לָהּ רָאוּהָ צָרִים שָׂחֲקוּ עַל מִשְׁבַּתֶּהָ:

Hayom Yom:

Yahrzeit of my father the Rebbe, (R. Sholom Dovber) who passed away on Saturday night, 2 Nissan 5680 (1920), in Rostov, and is interred there.
The first maamar he (R. Sholom Dovber) delivered after the passing of his father (the Rebbe Maharash) was on the second day of Chol Hamoed Sukot 5643 (1882), beginning Keter yitnu l'cha etc. The last public maamar in his lifetime was delivered at the Purim repast 5680, beginning Reishit goyim Amalek...keitz sam lachoshech.

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